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TUE - SAT 11A - 6P

1993 Marshall Super Lead 100 Plexi Reissue

This 1993 Marshall Super Lead 100 head is in very good cosmetic condition and is in perfect operating order. This amp shows some wear and tear from use including some very small nicks and dings in the original Tolex covering, some Tolex separation on the corners and it appears it once said “Fugazi” on the back panel. It is very hard to see unless in the right light. Otherwise, this amp is in great used condition. This amp is original inside and out except for the tubes and has been serviced regularly through the years. The original Drake transformers date to the 7th week of 1993. This amp is from the first year that Marshall reissued the Super Lead 100 and some consider these to be best sounding reissues of this model that Marshall has produced. This amp does indeed sound absolutely incredible and is also extremely loud so if you’re looking for a “bedroom” amp, then this isn’t for you. This 1993 Super Lead 100 is a true gem that will deliver thunderous, classic Plexi tone. This thing is ready to plug in and play straight away and we highly recommend it!