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TUE - SAT 11A - 6P

1976 Fender Vibrolux Reverb 2x10 Combo Amp

Very good condition featuring 35 watts of power, 6L6 power tubes, 5U4GB rectifier tube, 12AX7 and 12AT7 tubes, two 10” speakers, two channels with two inputs, bright switch for each channel, silver front panel plate with blue text and Fender amp knobs, red jewel light, silver grill cloth with Fender “no tail” logo in the left hand corner, two chrome “kickback” legs, rubberized black handle, original footswitch, and original black Tolex covering. 

This 1976 Fender Vibrolux Reverb is in very good vintage cosmetic condition showing some signs of play wear throughout including some nicks in the Tolex and some rust on some of the metal parts including the corners, screws and legs, but overall this amp is in clean, original, played condition. This amp is all original with the exception of a few filter caps and the addition of the three prong power cable for safe operation. There is a visible potentiometer code that reads 1377602 indicating that this component was made during the 2nd week of 1976. All the transformers also date to 1976. This Vibrolux Reverb has just been serviced, cleaned and inspected by Hime Amplification in Nashville, Tennessee, and it is in perfect operating order. The clean tones from this amp are exceptional and with the volume pushed it saturates beautifully (plenty of headroom though). It sounds tremendous with your guitar plugged straight in and also excels as a pedal platform. If you are looking for great vintage Fender tone, this Vibrolux Reverb will deliver. 

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