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TUE - SAT 11A - 6P

1966 Supro Corsica S6622 1x12 Combo Amp

Very good condition featuring 5-10 watts of power, 5y3 rectifier tube, 6V6 power tube, 12AX7 preamp tubes, one 12” Jensen C12Q speaker, three instrument inputs, two foot switch inputs, volume, tone, tremolo speed and reverb controls on the front of the amp, blue metal faceplate with Supro logo and Corsica and model number on the left hand side of the faceplate, original handle, silver grill cloth and black Tolex covering. The speaker has a code if 220624 indicating that it was made on the 24th week of 1966 and there is a potentiometer code visible of 1376546 that indicates that this component was made by CTS on the 46th week of 1965. All pots and transformers are original. 

This 1966 Supro Corsica is in very good vintage cosmetic condition showing signs of play wear and age throughout (see photos). This amp has just been serviced by HIME Amplification in Nashville, Tennessee, and operates perfectly! The filter caps were replaced and the amp was thoroughly gone through, cleaned and inspected. A three prong cable was added for safe operation (the original two prong cable is included). A new reverb tank was installed. The original one is included and is working but it did not sound very good and was noisy - These reverb tanks are housed in a small cardboard enclosure (see photos) and are always very finicky. With the new tank installed, it sounds 100% better and operates without issue. This amp sounds awesome. At low volumes it stays very clean and even sounding and with the volume cranked it has a very pleasing and nasty overdriven tone. The reverb and tremolo are working strong and are exceptionally cool sounding. The sound of this amp is very reminiscent of an old black panel Vibro-champ but I think it saturates a little nicer. These little Chicago built Valco amps are absolute gems and this Corsica is no exception. If you are looking for a killer, low wattage vintage amp that looks righteous, sounds amazing and needs absolutely nothing, then this Supro should definitely be on your radar. A gem of an amp shipped safely and promptly from our little shop in Clarksville, Tennessee, to you front door. 

Yes, the 1966 Supro Coronado pictured is available (separately).