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TUE - SAT 11A - 6P

Yellowcake Fried Gold Overdrive (used)

Excellent condition and in perfect working order. This pedal shows light signs of use particularly on the bottom, but is overall very clean and functions without issue. Made in the USA!

From the builder: A straight forward overdrive that goes from mild, to approaching that blown out territory of almost fuzz-ish sound. Designed to complement the front end tube amp, while capable of mixing wonderfully with the dirty channel to get that extra punch and grit. All pedals are hand-wired in the USA.

Tint - A subtle tone control that adds a bit of extra glass and presence.

Gain - Adjusts from a mild overdrive to a blown out fuzz-ish territory sound.

Level - Total output volume, and plenty of it.

Power - 9v Battery or 2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter (not included)

Current Draw - Approx. 8.8 mA

Aluminum Enclosure - Powdercoated and UV printed.