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AER Compact 60/2 Acoustic Amp w/ Gig Bag (used)

Excellent condition and in perfect working order. This amplifier shows light signs of use, but is overall clean and functions without issue. The original sack is included and is also clean and functional. 

From the manufacturer: The AER Compact 60 rev.2 amplifier features an unbeatable combination of size, power, and sound quality. It is a simple to use "plug and play" amp which requires little expertise from the user. Most players find they spend far less time adjusting the tone controls with this amp as it usually sounds perfect when set flat.

The outstanding performance of the Compact 60 has won it admirers the world over. Great acoustic guitarists such the legendary Tommy Emmanuel and John Renbourn perform with the Compact 60. Among Gypsy jazz guitarists, the Compact 60 has become the choice for amplification. Stochelo Rosenberg, Romane, Bireli Lagrene, Dorado Schmitt, and so many other greats of the style use this amp. Although marketed as an "acoustic amp," the Compact 60 is used by many archtop jazz guitarists. Gene Bertoncini, Jack Wilkins, Russell Malone, and Martin Taylor have replaced much larger tube amps with the light weight and great sounding Compact 60!

The Compact 60 has two input channels, one of which is a line input and the other a combination line/mic input. Many utilize these multiple channels to run dual pickup systems and/or microphones or you can even have two individual musicians performing through the same amp! This amp also features an 8" twin-cone speaker. The rear of the amp has the following outputs: tuner out, line out, headphones, XLR DI-out, effects loop, and footswitch. 

Includes padded gig bag w/shoulder strap.


  • Input for a 1/4" jack plug
  • Two channels
  • 60 watts
  • 8" speaker
  • High/Low switch to adjust input sensitivity High impedance  instruments with a piezoelectric pick-up, Low for instruments with active pre-amplifiers and magnetic sound pick-ups
  • Clipping indicator
  • Gain input level control
  • Color mid-range contour filter
  • Bass tone control for low frequencies
  • Middle tone control for mid-range frequencies
  • Treble tone control for high frequencies
  • Input XLR combination with an input for a 1/4" jack plug and XLR male socket
  • Power indicator light
  • Master level control
  • Headphone output
  • Tuner output
  • Line out
  • DI-out XLR output
  • Send output for an external device
  • Return input for effects or CD player
  • F/S connection for a double foot switch (not included)
  • Power combined mains switch