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TUE - SAT 11A - 6P

2016 Kendrick BadAss Man Model 2410 4x10 Anniversary Model

Near mint condition featuring point to point handwired construction, four 10" Kendrick Blackframe speakers, Lead and Clean channels, two 6L6 power tubes, four 12AX7 preamp tubes and one 12AT7 reverb tube, built in 40/10/2.6 watt power attenuator, top mounted Lead Volume, Clean Volume, Middle, Bass, Treble, Presence and Reverb controls with black chickenhead knobs, lacquered tweed covering with brown stripes and 20th Anniversary logo, brown metallic grill cloth, Kendrick logo faceplate, interior paper tube chart with builder's signature and date with limited edition number B078 (of 100), and brown leather handle. 

From Kendrick: “In the late 80’s people were using transistor stereo power amps and rack-mount guitar amplifiers! The 2410 was the first point-to-point all-tube guitar amp to hit the scene in over 15 years. It changed everything for the 90’s. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the 2410, we will offer a 100-piece limited edition 2410 BadAssMan amp. These are serialized from #B001 to #B100. There are many improvements over the original 2410 such as:

• 175 year-old, unbelievably resonant antique pine cabinet covered in two-tone lacquered tweed (nico-tweed with brown pin-stripe)

• Beautiful, baked-epoxy, gold metalflake powder-coat faceplate with black epoxy lettering

• All the standard controls found on the original 2410 (and the original 5F6A Bassman), plus Reverb! Tube/spring reverb ala Twin Reverb circuitry

• 5AR4 Rectifier with special “invincible” circuitry. It will never go down during a performance.

• Lead and Clean channel with better voicing. The Clean channel offers three-dimensional clean tones without scooping the mids. The Lead Channel gives up complex lead tones that rival cellos playing in unison.

• Two 6L6, four 12AX7 and one 12AT7 vacuum tube

• Kendrick Quik Bias system with external pinjacks (like Gerald Weber Signature amp), so you can set the bias of your tubes in about 1 minute using only a digital voltmeter.

• Optional built-in Power Attenuator to bring the wattage from 40 watts to 10 watts or 2.6 watts.

Some of the features will be the same as the original 2410:

• Four 10” Blackframe speakers made from NOS Donal Kapi cones (original supplier for Jensen)

• Custom-made cloth-covered wire, Custom-made epoxy glass component board, and custom-made paper-bobbin transformers

• 100% Point-to-Point handwired construction. The circuitry will feature improved layout with all the components cleverly laid out with a minimum of hook-up wire (similar to the Gerald Weber Signature amp). This makes for a better sounding and more stable amp tone; just perfect for blues, country, rock-a-billy, jazz, rock, or fusion. And there are three inputs. One for the lead channel, one for the clean channel and one labeled BOTH. The BOTH input will allow you to blend both channels together to get those multi-amp, Stevie Ray Vaughan tones. You can actually blend the lead and clean channel!

With two decades of empirical wisdom gained from building thousands of tube amps, and with the wisdom and hindsight gained from servicing nearly 17,000 vintage tube amps, the 20-year anniversary “Limited Edition” 2410 BadAssMan, will be our crowning achievement of what a four-ten combo amp could aspire to be. If you own an original 2410 Amp or 5F6A Bassman, I promise the BadAssMan will eat it alive! It is a Bad Ass."

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