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Corriciadan Medicine Bottle Classic Large Glass Guitar Slide CS-1L

Made in the USA!

From the manufacturer: "The Legend of the Corriciadan Bottle - The great blues slide players took their inspirations from real life. In their medicine cabinets was the same bottle you now hold in your hand, the Corriciadan Cold Medicine bottle. And just as the medicine cured what ailed you, the bottle itself had some wonderful qualities. It was light and small, exactly the right feel and weight for quick, sure positioning. It fit nicely on the ring finger with just enough play for sensitivity. And it could make a guitar sound like nothing else. Generations of slide players have used it. Now you can, too. All the qualities of the original Corridiadan bottle have been painstakingly reproduced here by hand. Oh, there's no medicine in it now. But the magic's still there. With the Corriciadan slide, you're not just playing a slide... you're playing a legend. Incredible sustain. "Fatter" tone. Seamless design."